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Special Announcement 特別通告


Dear Parents,

As there may be road traffic disruptions tomorrow (8th October 2019), you are reminded to check the announcement from EDB and the school before sending your daughter to school in the morning.  Please be aware of travelling conditions and personal safety of your daughter on the way to school.  Lateness will not be counted if they are affected by traffic conditions. If you prefer to keep your daughter at home due to special circumstances, please notify the school according to normal procedures. All after-school classes and activities will be cancelled tomorrow so that students can go home immediately after school finishes.   

St. Mary’s Canossian College




因應明早(十月八日)各區交通可能受到影響,請提醒    貴子弟出門前注意交通消息及相關宣布,留意路面情況及小心個人安全。如同學明天因交通問題而遲到,該紀錄將獲豁免。如   貴子弟因特別情况須留在家中,請   閣下依照正常手續通知學校。所有預定於明天放學後舉行的補課及課外活動亦將會取消,俾能讓同學放學後立即回家。



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06:58 PM, 07 Oct 2019

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06:58 PM, 07 Oct 2019




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